Timebirds™ Sonic
Timebirds™ Sonic
Timebirds™ Sonic
Timebirds™ Sonic
Timebirds™ Sonic
Timebirds™ Sonic
Timebirds™ Sonic
Timebirds™ Sonic
Timebirds™ Sonic
Timebirds™ Sonic

Timebirds™ Sonic

Sale price$129 USD

Made in Australia
12 Month Warranty
Updatable OS

Case Color:

Case Color


What's in the box

  • 1x Sonic Timer
  • 1x USB to USB-C charging cable
  • "I EMOM U" decals

    9 Workout Modes

    1. Fast Start Stopwatch 
    2. Count Up
    3. Count Up by round (eg. EMOM)
    4. Count Down
    5. Count Down by round (eg. EMOM)
    6. Custom Timer for Interval Training 
    7. Tabata 
    8. Fight Gone Bad
    9. Clock display / Alarm Clock


    • Fully independent unit, no app or remote required to operate. 
    • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (Air Travel approved)
    • Long lasting and anti-slip Premium rubber enclosure.
    • Unbreakable lens and body.
    • Excellent time accuracy.
    • Loud beeps at the Start/End of your workouts, between rounds, and transitions from rest to work or work to rest periods.


    • 155 x 47 x 21mm (6.1 x 1.85 x 0.8in)
    • 9 workout modes (full description below)
    • All day Battery life (up to 14 hrs workout / 30 days idle mode)
    • Shock and water-resistant housing
    • Non-slip rubber
    • Polycarbonate lens and Rigid body
    • Magnetic spine (2 Neodymium super magnets)
    • Large 7-segment LED display with pure greens and super reds 
    • Screen Dimming function
    • Sonic Dual Sound
    • Workout Memory
    • Updatable OS
    • USB-C Fast Charge

      Designed and

      Made in Australia

      We are product focused and designed obsessed. Timebirds Sonic is engineered and made by us, right here in Australia, and this is why there is no other portable fitness timer like Timebirds Sonic. When you are purchasing our products, you are also supporting our local economy as we too, take pride to work with other local businesses.

      The best just got better

      Portable, Durable, visible and loud.

      Timebirds Sonic is designed to fit in your pocket and operate independently. The menu uses intuitive mode indicators rather than random numbers for each setting. A comprehensive choice of 9 workout modes are easily accessible using the soft keys located on top. To charge, simply plug in with the USB-C cable provided and continue to enjoy full functionality during charging.

      Engineered and

      Built to last

      Timebirds Sonic uses nothing but premium grade materials. The rigid body and lens are made from the same material used to make bullet proof glass. The anti slip rubber will resist to the toughest elements such as sweat, UV, chalk etc, and almost last for ever. All electronic components are sourced from Original Manufacturers, and our LED block is custom made for Timebirds. All units have data transfer enabled through so your device never gets old !