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Timebirds Case – Black out

Timebirds Case – Black out

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  • Smooth silicone material.
  • Fits Timebirds Orignal and Timebirds Sonic like a glove.
  • Protects your unit during workouts
  • Flip the case to protects the screen during transport.


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Gym timers don't have to be boring !

Customize your Timebirds Timer with a splash of color and an extra layer of protection.

Made from hard-wearing silicone they are designed to retain their shape while being elastic enough to conform tightly to the shape of your Timebirds™ Timer.  They seal the screen while in transit (or on charge) and add an extra layer of protection around the housing during your workouts. All you have to do now is pick the color that best suits you.

Timebirds Timers and Timebirds™ Protective Cases are sold separately but they are usable across all models.

Protective cases FAQ

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Are cases compatible across Timebirds Sonic and Originals ?

Yes, cases can fit Timebirds Orignals and Timebirds Sonics.

🚌 Will the case also protect the lens during transit ?

The cases have two positions: workout mode and travel mode. You can easily flip the case around the unit to protect the screen during your travels.

🧲 Is magnetic strength reduced when the case is on ?

The Timebirds Sonic and Original are equipped with not just one, but two of the strongest permanent magnets available on the market. The thickness of the case will slightly increase the distance between the magnets and the metallic surface, thereby reducing the magnetic strength somewhat. However, it will still be sufficient to maintain strength even with the case on. External factors such as the quality of steel, surface finish, and paint thickness could also affect the overall magnetic strength.

🔌 Can I still access the charging port with the case on ?

Yes, the case is designed