Our Timebirds™ Team

We are everyday athletes that travel the world.

Dedicated to being our fittest-selves, we believe that what gets measured, gets done.

We found it difficult to stay as accountable when in our home gym, hotel gyms, or training outside as we were when connected to the wall timer at our regular gym. We tried watches, which proved difficult whenever we needed two hands; phones, which resulted in cracked screens, phone call distractions, and any number of expletives as phones went to sleep just at the wrong moment. None quite hit the spot. The more we talked to other athletes, gym owners, and personal trainers, we realised we weren’t alone - and, just like that, the concept of Timebirds, a purpose-built, personal workout timer was born - followed by years of work that continues today ;)

Born in Melbourne, now timing workouts all over the world.

Timebirds was born in Melbourne, Australia but it has taken influence from all corners of the globe. We’ve trained with countless fitness communities and gyms around the world and learnt so much from human generosity. Our products are the result of constantly listening to peoples needs and refining - we are never done.

Why are we called Timebirds?

For us, it’s been a symbol of freedom, a reminder that the greatest limits we place on ourselves are our own. Whatever your fitness passion we want you to rise above any doubts, fears or limits. We have a dream to see our timers perched on gym rigs, park benches, garages and workout environments around the world, inspiring all kinds of athletes to find that extra second within themselves. Time has no bias, we all have to earn it equally.