New, inside out.

The world's most visible, portable and durable workout timer, just got loud!

The best, just got better.

9 Workout modes

Count UP


UP by rounds


Count Down


Down by round


Custom HiiT

Work / Rest


8 rounds x 20 secs on / 10 secs rest

Fight Gone Bad

3 rounds x 5 mins work / 1 min rest




12 / 24 hr Format

Custom techs and specs

Crystal Oscillator

The most precise source of time with a crazy 0.002% clock accuracy

Workout memory

Recall your last workout in every mode

Sonic dual-sound

Dual sonic piezos encased in an echo chamber with forward facing sound vents

Super bright LED custom block

Large 1" pure green + super red digits. 16 LEDs per digit, 4 dimming levels

All day battery

14 hr+ battery life in workout mode.
USB-C Fast-charge

Magnetic Spine

Dual neodymium super magnets

Unbreakable lens & body

Polycarbonate lens and shock proof housing with non-slip rubber overmould.

Updatable OS 4+

Downloadable updates for future upgrades and modes

Fast charge USB-C

0 - 100% in 90 mins

Pocket sized

153 x 47 x 21mm

6 x 1.85 x 0.83in

140 grams


Unbreakable lens and body to survive the toughest workout environments.

Polycarbonate lens and shock proof housing with non-slip rubber overmold – the same materials used to make bullet proof glass.

Pocket-sized and no need for a phone or remote.

Small enough to fit in your pocket, large enough to be clearly visible. One inch pure green & super red digits with a whopping 14 LED chips per digit.

The loudest portable workout timer.

Now with dual sonic piezos – encase in an echo chamber with forward facing sound vents designed into the lens.

All day battery life.

The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 14 hrs in workout mode – even longer if you dim the display. And now with a one-touch battery level display so you'll always know when to recharge.

Put time where you need it most.

Neodymium super magnets are the most powerful permanent magnets available. two of those are seamlessly integrated into the spine of the polycarbonate housing.

"Everyone loves how easy they are to use. You can really maximize the “you vs you” when you have a clock to push the pace and keep you accountable.”


Caroline Lambray

Coach & Owner @crossfitwonderland

"Portability is key.
Keeps me accountable anywhere I go."


Jeff Adler

3 x CrossFit® Games 🇨🇦

2021 Winner CrossFit® Games Open 🥇

5th CrossFit® Games 2020

"Pocket-sized, robust and easy to use, a must for every trainer, weekend-warrior or anyone who travels."


Andrew Pap

Founder of The 365 Program & Coach

"Legit the coolest product I've seen"


Kate Gordon

2x Crossfit Games Athlete 🇦🇺

Nutrition Coach

CF Seminar Staff member

🐥 Two birds 🐥

NEW Timebirds™ Sonic.

9 Workout Modes
Super Bright LEDs
14hrs of workout time
Dual Sonic Sound
Magnetic Spine
USBC-C Fast Charge

Timebirds™ Original.

7 Workout Modes
Bright LEDs
8hrs of workout time
Single Piezo
Magnetic Spine
USB-C charging

Add a little color to your workout

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