Watch our Film | Introducing TimebirdsĀ®

The word's first Purpose-Built Workout Timer

Watch our Film | Introducing TimebirdsĀ®

The word's first Purpose-Built Workout Timer

TimebirdsĀ® Now shipping with OS-3

Boosted sound | Workout Memory function | Extended battery life

All TimebirdsĀ® Timers use a custom LED block with pure greens and super bright reds for a luminous display, purpose-built tough for the workout environment.

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Fully operational without the need of a phone or remote

Purpose-built to operate independently, enabling you to train without distraction. A comprehensive choice of modes are available, from EMOMs, Tabata, to custom intervals, all accessible using the soft keys located on top.

Pocket-sized with a rechargeable battery

Small enough to fit in your pocket, but still large enough to be clearly visible. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 10 hours of workout and will automatically display a low level battery warning when required. Simply plug in the USB-C cable and continue to enjoy full functionality during charging.

Put Time where you need it

Neodymium magnets, also called super magnets, are the most powerful permanent magnets available. They have been seamlessly integrated into the design in order maximise magnetic strength, allowing you to stick Timebirds at eye level to any metallic surfaces

Built to survive the toughest workout environments

The Lens and body are made out of polycarbonate material so they are strong and flexible and do not break. In fact, Polycarbonate is used to make bullet proof glass, so we thought this would be a must have to resist to gym environments

Front facing speaker holes

A buzzer beeps at the start/end of your workout, between arounds and during transitions to and from periods of rests or work. Designed with front facing speaker holes to maximise and direct sound towards users.

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TimebirdsĀ® Timers

Design Philosophy

Purpose-built for the workout environment, from the inside out.