Last Update : March 7th  2021



  • I have just received my Timer and can only see the “:” turn on when I try to power it on.

Simply press - + and the bird buttons together for 3s to reset your timer.

It has been a long and rough transit time for your Timer. One thing lithium ion batteries do not like is hot and cold temperatures. The Timer have a Deep Sleep mode that is triggered when the temperatures become too extreme, or when the battery is completely flat. This is to protect the longevity of the device. 

  • I sometimes get a double beep notification. What does this mean ?

Good question! The timers will sometimes do this when the battery is cold, in order to prompt you to plug it in or return it to a warmer environment. If you plug it in and give it a full charge, the battery will warm up automatically. Alternatively, you can turn off the volume by pressing the '-' button when the timer is on, until you see "Sd_oFF" on the screen. This will stop the double beep when your timer is off.

  • I can barely hear the beeps on my timer over my music. Is this a defect? How can I make this louder? 

Level four is the highest volume setting - like you, we want to make it louder! This is something we’re working on at the moment. We had to find a balance between having a fully enclosed water and dust resistant housing, and leaving enough of an opening to let the sound come out. But, stay tuned and we’ll let you know once we’ve found the perfect solution.   

  • Thanks for the instruction manual but I would prefer tutorial videos

Here is the link to our tutorial videos :


For any other questions, please contact our support team at 



  • I am an early backer, is my order going to be fulfilled first ? 
Your backer # does not affect shipping priority. Being an early backer gave you the possibly to secure a Timebirds at the most discounted price that we will ever advertise. However, all of you as Kickstarter backers will have your orders shipped first.
  • How do you determine the priority of orders being shipped out ?
This depends on a number of factors such as packing list, destination, shipping lines available and courier's pick up schedule. We are trying to make the whole process as efficient as possible to have your orders out as fast as possible while minimising the risks of errors and unnecessary delays.
  • Is my order going to be affected by increased transit times ?
Orders going to Europe (especially France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Sweden and Portugal) and Canada are the most affected by the current pandemic as shipping lines are closing/opening according to ever changing restrictions. 
  • Am I going to be required to pay import taxes and duties ?
It is impossible for us to monitor the ever changing duties and taxes applied by each individual country globally. The message we shared on the original Kickstarter campaign still stands : 
"You will be responsible for paying local Tax and duties when applicable. You will not always be required to pay duties or import tax, but it is important that you make yourself aware of the duties that apply in your country in case they may effect you."
In order to minimise those charges when they apply, we've declared the lowest possible amount on the packing list so any customs duties would be minimised as well.
  • Is Brexit going to affect me ?
No, as the New Brexit regulations linked to imports are for orders placed from January 1st 2021 onwards.
  • Where is my tracking number ?
Tracking numbers will be sent out to you automatically as soon as your order in in transit. 
We've been pushing hard to get orders shipped as fast as possible. Transit time is out of our control, but we're monitoring closely to ensure packages don't encounter any issues. Thanks for your patience and we cannot wait to see you all put your Timebirds timers to good use!

Check back in soon for more updates.