Visibility is key with the Timebirds Gym Timer

Visibility is key with the Timebirds Gym Timer

Article by The Coolector

Routine and timings are a crucial part of any man’s workout routine and with this Timebirds Purpose Built Workout Timer on Kickstarter, you’ll have unprecedented control of the process. This is a wall-mounted gym timer that will effortlessly fit in your pocket and it has been purpose-built to be portable, visible and robust enough to withstand even the most vigorous of workout routines.

Designed to suit the needs of all types of athlete, this timer has been battle tested and approved by top athletes, gyms, trainers, and servicemen and women so you know it’s going to be the ideal addition to any fitness regimen.

Suitable For All Fitness Levels

Timebirds have built this timer for you to specifically get the most out of every workout and its robust, no-nonsense design makes it perfect for every workout environment. In most forms of training, you want a constantly visible time-source, which will keep you accountable and ensure you get the most out of each and every workout.

While there are many timing solutions available on the market, none are versatile enough to be clearly seen and heard in multiple situations, while also providing the confidence that they will survive the bumps and scrapes inevitable in most workout environments. Timebirds is small enough to fit in your pocket but large enough to see during a workout.

Timebirds’ long-life battery and fast charging mean your workout is not limited by power point access and you really can take it wherever you go. Timebirds have a consolidated circuit board that is fixed straight on to the housing and strengthened further by inner ribs. This means there are no loose components and the thick, scratch-resistant, polycarbonate lens snaps directly into the housing, which removes pressure points. It’s all encased in a high quality, non-slip, rubber skin that will not come off or crack over time, even in sweaty gym bags.

Highly Legible

Visibility is key with Timebirds and an anti-glare lens, to ensure maximum visibility. Available in a stealthy matte black colohr, it looks the part whether magnetised to a gym rig, a basketball post or while charging in the house.  

Timebirds have also added a quartz crystal to provide the most stable, reliable and accurate clock signal. Available for the fantastic starting price of just $79, this will rapidly become an integral part of your exercise routine and ensure you keep on top of your timings and repetitions. Head on over to Kickstarter now to secure yours for a great price.


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