Sleek design inside inside and out

Sleek design inside inside and out

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Timebirds is a pocket-sized workout timer that can be put anywhere and combines the functionalities of classic wall-mounted gym timers, with the convenience of wearables.

Timebirds is small enough to fit in your pocket but large enough to see during a workout. Their long-life battery and fast charging mean your workout is never limited by access to power.

The sleek design has been considered both inside and out, to maximize durability. Each digit is illuminated by large, seven-segment LEDs and an anti-glare lens, to maximum visibility.

Powerful magnets have been fitted into the rubber skin, so Timebirds can be securely attached to any metallic (steel) surfaces, making them clearly visible during workouts. To cover all your training needs, Timebirds is programmed with five versatile workout modes, and the menu has been designed with intuitive mode indicators that use initials rather than random numbers for each setting.

From a regular count up or down to an EMOM or Tabata session, you will be covered. Available in a matte black, it looks the part whether magnetized to a gym rig, a basketball post, or while charging in the house.

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