How to update your Timebirds Timer OS

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Timebirds firmware release notes

Timebirds OS 3.12

  • DN counter pause fix (pressing pause would reset the timer in a count dn timer).

Timebirds OS 3.11

  • New volume calibration with 3 levels.

Timebirds OS 3.01

  • Memory fix and interval timer rest change (period of rest would count indefinitely if set to 0)

Timebirds OS 3.0

  • New clock calibration to increase clock accuracy
  • New battery power management to remove temperature warning.
  • New battery power management to improve battery life
  • New Sound Level screen for direct access to volume settings
  • New screen with Timebirds OS indication
  • Removal of boot screen
  • New Home Screen loading animation
  • New battery charging animation.
  • Overall improvement on software stability.
  • Fix 12hr format clock setting going back to 24hr format
  • Fix colon turning off in stopwatch
  • Increase refresh rate by 50%

Timebirds OS 2.0

  • Enables data transfer through the USB-C port
  • Removal of audio temperature waning (visual warning remains)

Timebirds OS 1.0

  • Original OS

What you will need

  • PC (Windows 8 or above) with USB port.
  • Timebirds Timer with OS-2 or above (all units shipped from March 5th 2021)
  • Supplied Timebirds USB to USB-C cable

Download latest Timebirds OS

Find what USB communication port (COM port) is Timebirds Timer connected to

Step 1a

Once you have downloaded the latest Timebirds OS .zip file, right click the file and select 'Extact All'

Step 1b

Right click on the windows START logo and select Device Manager

Step 1c

  • Click on “Ports (COM & LTP)” to open tab.
  • Look for 'USB-SERIAL CH340'. Note the COM port number in the brackets (COM #?).
  • Close device Manager window.

Can't see your device?

  • Check your firewall settings.
  • You can read more about how to do that here >

Device not automatically recognized by Windows?

  • You can download the Timebirds driver here.

Download .zip and load new Timebirds OS

Step 2a

Once you have downloaded the latest Timebirds OS .zip file (See requirements tab). Right click the file and select 'Extact All'

Step 2b

Double click Timebirds OS update.exe to open.

Step 2c

Click on ... button to open hex file.

Step 2d

3c / Double click file TimebirdsvOS3.12.hex

Step 2e

Under Device, choose Uno(ATMEGA328)

Step 2f

  • Under COM Port, select the COM# you noted down in step 1c.
  • Under Baud rate : leave default value of 115200

Step 2g

Click upload and wait until the upload is complete

Upload complete

You can now unplug your updated Timebirds.