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I can get timer apps for my phone… why do I need Timebirds Timer?

Phones are highly reflective, they go to sleep and they are expensive if they break. They are not made for the workout environment. All that aside - every athlete we talked to said they found calls and texts distracting - something coaches and PTs stressed, adding that they didn’t like personal notifications popping up in front of their clients. Timebirds® allows you to remain 100% focused on your training. Plus there’s the emotional connection to those LEDs that so many of us love so much! 321 beep 🏋️

Do Timebirds® Timers require a remote control?

No. There is only one reason to have a remote for a remote sized timer and that is, it would be cheaper to make it with off the shelf components. We've built Timebirds® Timers from the inside out, so when we considered making a remote, our athletes quickly rejected the idea. They said it would be two items to pack/lose/break/charge. We've built the remote into the body of the timer because our Birds are always within reach. Wall-mounted gym timers on the other hand, they need remotes because they are 10ft in the air 😉

Can you sync multiple units together?

This is something we will be exploring in the future. As of now, Timebirds® operate independently. We really wanted to keep it as simple as possible. 🔮

Does Timebirds® have sound?

Yes! Timebirds® beeps the final 3 seconds before the time starts, to mark rounds in an EMOM or similar workouts; during the transition from rest to work and work to rest periods in intervals, and at the end of your workout.  🐓

How loud are Timebirds®?

Timebirds original has is equipped with one piezo that produces a moderate sound. Timebirds Sonic is equipped with Sonic Dual Sound that makes it the loudest portable fitness timer on the market. Both Original and Sonic have adjustable sound levels 🔈

How long does the battery last?

Timebirds® are fitted with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which will run up to 8 hours (14hrs for Timebirds Sonic) in workout mode or up to 30 days (60days for Timebirds Sonic) in idle mode. It is rechargeable via the USB-C connector and will take about 5-6 hours from flat to full charge (only 90 minutes for Timebirds Sonic). We’ve also included a low battery warning signal so you never start a session with the risk of running out of battery mid-workout. As a general rule, the colder the shorter the battery life will be. We recommend to use and store your Timebirds Timers in temperatures between 10 and 40 degrees Celsius (50 to 104 Degrees Fahrenheit) ⚡

Can the Software be updated?

Both Timebirds Original and Sonic are software updatable. OS-4 is only compatible with Timebirds Sonic.

Timebirds Original OS-1 is the initial OS, and never designed to receive public firmware as it requires a specific software, cable and process to load the new code. OS-2 enables Data transfer through the USB-C port, and using a simple freeware. OS-3 is our latest operating software (OS-3.12). If you would like to update your OS-2 or above unit to the latest version, please follow the instructions below. If you have OS-! installed and would like to upgrade to the latest OS, please contact us, based on your location, we might be able to accept you to ship your unit back to us so we can return it with the most updated OS. 🤖

Firmware updates can be found here

How do I know which Software is my Timebirds® Timer running ?

The latest OS indicates the software revision as you cycle through the mode (oS 3:12). 

OS-1 was loaded on units that shipped up until March 4th as the original OS.

OS-2 was loaded on units that shipped up from March 5th 

OS-3 was loaded on units that shipped from March 15th.

Timebirds Sonic timers are loaded with OS-4.

Are Timebirds magnetic? Will magnet strength reduce over time?

Timebirds® Timers contain two Neodymium magnets, sometimes called super magnets, are the most powerful permanent magnets available. They are renowned for a powerful magnetic field, great bonding strength and high coercivity. They will hold their strength for over 100 years. 🧲

What modes come loaded on Timebirds® Timers?

Fast-start stopwatch

(UP) Count Up

(UP rd) Count Up Timer by round (eg. EMOM)

(dn) Count Down

(dn rd) Count Down Timer by round (eg. EMOM)

(nt) Custom Timer for Interval Training.

(tAbAtA) Tabata*

(Fg-bAd) Fight Gone Bad*

(cL) Clock display

(AL SEt) Alarm set

*Timebirds Sonic only

What are the dimensions and weight of the Timebirds® Timers?

Timebirds® Timer weights 140gr (5oz) and measures 153 x 45 x 21mm (6 x 1.7 x 0.8in). It has the largest screen to size ratio you can find in the product category.


I can only see the “ : ” turn on when I try to power it on.

One thing lithium ion batteries do not like is hot and cold temperatures. Timebirds® Timers have a deep sleep mode that is triggered when the temperatures become too extreme, or when the battery is completely flat. This is to protect the longevity of the device.

You need to reset it to factory new. Simply press and hold ‘ -’ ‘+’ and ‘bird’ buttons together for 3 seconds and you will be good as new.

Can I make my Timbirds Timer even louder?

Timebirds was designed to maximise, water, dust, chalk, sweat resistance while leaving enough of an opening to let the sound come out, which is a rather difficult challenge. While Timebirds now ships with OS-3 and boosted sound, we are assessing new ways o further enhance our users's experience, including maximizing sound levels.

I turn my Timer off but it still beeps. What does this mean?

The timers will sometimes do this when the battery is cold, in order to prompt you to plug it in or return it to a warmer environment. If you plug it in and give it a full charge, the battery will warm up automatically. If you can't warm your Timer up immediately you can turn the volume off by pressing the '-' button when the timer is running (in a workout mode) until you see "Sd_oFF" on the screen. OS-2 and above above have a new battery and safety management program that remove the need for this function.

What is Timebirds® Timer's Clock accuracy?

Time slippage is normal across all timing devices (non-connected), but it often so little that it’s insignificant. Beside the atomic clock, no 2 timers can give you the exact same time, and this is simply due to the cumulative tolerances of each electronic component. Timebirds currently uses a ceramic resonator that carries a 0.5% or 5,000 PPM (part per million) frequency tolerance.

My battery doesn't seem to last as long as it used to?

There are multiple reasons that could be related to this: (1) Using your clock in very low temperature could reduce battery life (2) Having the alarm clock setting activated will consume more power (3) Like any other Lithium i-on batteries, it will naturally loose some of its capacity over time, though it shouldn't exceed 30% over it's life-time.

We recommend resetting your device to the original factory settings by holding (+), (-) and the (bird) button for 3secs. You can also update to the latest OS which has even better battery power management

I can’t see my issue here?

If you have any other problems with your Timebirds® Timer please contact us directly and we will help however we can support@Timebirds.com

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