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Timebirds does only one thing but does it well

Timebirds does only one thing but does it well

Article by Wired Magazine

The portable timer for training in the gym.

Timebirds is a durable pocket timer that does one thing and does it well: ideal for athletes who want to measure and improve performance, offers five modes, attaches to any instrument and surface, and costs 70 euros.

Designed by the US company of the same name, Timebirds does only one thing but does it well, for example avoiding notifications that can interrupt training or the need to activate the smartphone and smartwatch display to keep track of time. Without forgetting that it also remains a desk clock.

Pocket-sized, clearly visible thanks to the two-color LEDs (the first two letters in green indicate the selected mode, the others in red the passing of the seconds) and with an autonomy of around 8 hours, the timer counts on an anti-reflective glass, anti-scratch lens, non-slip rubber feet and back magnet to fix it on tools in the gym and on any surface.


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